Scientific Sessions

Scientific Sessions

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Vaccine and Drug Delivery Systems

Personalized Medicines And Drugs

Cancer Studies: Drug Delivery Chemistry

Clinical Pharmacy and Hospital Administration

Drug Delivery Techniques

Fusion of Traditional And Biomedicine

Gynecological Drug Therapy

Industrial Pharmacy

Medical Devices for Drug Delivery

Medicinal Chemistry: Physical Properties and Drug Design

Nano Medicine and Nanotechnology

Neuroscience and Neurochemistry

Organic Chemistry

Pharmaceutical Business Management

Pharmaceutical Marketing

Pharmaceutical TechnologyPharmaceutical Chemistry

Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics


Structure-based drug design, virtual screening

Women health

Pharmaceutics/Pharmaceutical Sciences

Emerging Infectious Diseases

Biological Drug Targets, Analytical Chemistry

Cancer Treatment with New Target Drugs

Computer Aided Drug Design

Drug Design and Drug Development

Green Techniques for Medicinal Chemistry


Latest Developments in Alzheimer’s Drugs

Medicinal Chemistry and Drug Delivery

Medicinal Plants as Medicine

Neuro Degenerative Disease

Novel Drug Delivery System

Pharmaceutical & Medicinal Chemistry

Pharmaceutical Engineering and Artificial Intelligence

Pharmaceutical Research and Development

Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics


Pharmacology and Toxicology

The future of Pharma R&D