Scientific Sessions

Scientific Sessions

Submit the abstract according to your session interest. Please follow the format of our Sample Template Submit Abstract

Materials in Civil Engineering

Computer-Aided Civil and Infrastructure Engineering

Construction Technology & Engineering

Energy for Building and Construction Development

Construction Robotics

Geotechnical Engineering

Earthquake Resistance Design

Computational Mechanics

Geographic Information System

Infrastructure Design

Slope Stability

Architecture & Urban Planning

Landscape Planning and Design

Geology in Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering and Architecture

Modular Construction

Geo Technical Engineering

Structural Engineering

Environmental Engineering

Engineering Management

Coastal Engineering

Transportation and Traffic Engineering

Municipal and Urban Engine

Road & Bridge Engineering

Hydraulic Engineering

Hydro-Environmental Systems

Structural Analysis and Designing

Computer Simulation and CAD/CA

Water Quality Control and Water Treatment

Architectural Design and Theories

Construction Market Research and Industry Analysis

Construction Technology Intelligent Transportation and Logistics

Steel Structures and Construction

Fire Safety Engineering

Earthquake Resistance Design